Timeline Redesign UPDATE: Tabs Are Back (With Images!) On Business Pages

Facebook heard your message loud and clear! Tabs, which were moved to a text link when the redesign was announced earlier this week, now have a new home  in the left-side column of your timeline in addition to the text links and “more” drop-down directly above your page posts:

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Customize Apps for Your Woobox Offers

There’s a great new feature for Woobox users: custom apps for all of your offers!  This allows you to change the default app for an offer (Sweepstakes, Coupons, etc.) so that when people access the offer and/or share it on Facebook, it will be shown as your own …

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Facebook is Removing App Profile Pages (effective February 1, 2012)

Facebook recently announced that they will be removing all App Profile Pages as of February 1, 2012.

Why should you care?  From this point on, when you create an app to use a custom tab icon, the process has changed, and you’ll need to use a new method for …

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