Best Instagram Giveaway Apps

5 Apps to Actually Make Running an Instagram Giveaway Easier

If wrapping your head around the best way to compete and be noticed among the millions of other brands on Instagram has you procrastinating or flat out ignoring the platform, launching an Instagram giveaway is one of the fastest ways to generate engagement.

No matter the type of customers you target, everyone loves freebies, and if managed right, your giveaway campaign can lead to a substantial boost in followers and sales.

In past posts we’ve provided helpful tips about preparing for an Instagram giveaway. In this article we’ll discuss five top apps that you can use to make managing your Instagram giveaway a breeze.

Here are the apps we will cover:

  • Canva – A web-based, simple to use photo editing tool
  • Animoto – A drag-and-drop video making app
  • – A social media post scheduling app
  • Woobox – Our giveaway, contest and social media marketing app
  • Mailchimp – A popular, easy-to-use email marketing service

#1 Canva

On Instagram, images are everything and as the platform has grown in popularity, users have also upped their photo editing game. This means that for your Instagram page and your giveaway campaign to be taken seriously, you have to have some decent image editing skills – or a great app that helps you look like you do.

Enter Canva, this web-based image editor has seen an astronomical growth in popularity because it’s easy to use, has a great price point and as a bonus, allows you to access a library of over 400,000 professional images. Canva offers literally thousands of creative templates, including templates for Instagram Stories, and a good variety of simple-to-use graphic design elements, like its famous text overlay tool.

With a free account you get:

  • Two folders to organize designs
  • 1GB storage for photos and assets
  • Access to over 8,000 templates
  • The ability to upload your own images
  • Access millions of photos starting at $1 each

#2 Animoto

If you want a quick route to making your brand Instagram famous, start using Instagram Stories. A recent stat from Instagram shows that 500 million Instagram accounts use IG stories to make posts every day.

More and more marketers are turning to videos as the social media posts of choice because they get crazy amounts of engagement – so what are you waiting for? Intimidated? No worries, we can’t all be Ken Burns, but Animoto knows that and has us amateurs covered with great tools like their Social Video Editor.

When you open an account, just like with Canva, you get access to a vast library of images, as well as copyright free music. Video design is managed by a no-sweat drag-and-drop editor and pre-existing templates make you look like a video making star.


Now that you have the apps you need to make sure your Instagram visuals are on lock, you can turn your attention to building your giveaway campaign’s post calendar. A well structured Instagram giveaway will have a pre-planned calendar with all of the posts you will publish ready to go. But will you remember to post them at the scheduled times?

The easiest way to handle the task is with a scheduling app like Later is an incredibly popular tool reportedly being used by 600,000 of the world’s top brands, agencies and influencers, so you can’t go wrong by adding your name to the list.

The platform offers a Free Forever plan that allows you to schedule up to 30 photo posts per month which is plenty to manage 1 giveaway campaign.

#4 Woobox

Your Instagram giveaway app toolbox won’t be complete without an app that helps you easily launch your campaign and pick a random winner. That’s where we come in!

We’ve designed Woobox as a one-stop social media marketing platform. Not only can you use Woobox to launch and manage a killer Instagram giveaway, the platform also allows you to manage other campaign types too like; video contests, personality quizzes, brackets, sweepstakes, polls, and instant-win campaigns.

When it comes to picking your giveaway winner, it’s important that you do so in an unbiased way to protect the integrity of your campaign and your brand. We make this simple by automating the process via our Winner Picker tool. Once you’ve logged into your Woobox account, just select the post where giveaway participants have left comments, then click “Pick a Winner”.

We offer free and paid plans, and all of our plans are packed with features including the Winner Picker Tool which is available with every plan.

#5 Mailchimp

Using a social media platform like Instagram to build an engaged follower base is a no-brainer. What some businesses fail to remember is that those followers don’t belong to you until they make a purchase from your company, or opt-in to your mailing list.

Collecting email addresses should be a primary goal of any giveaway campaign, and Mailchimp is one of the top email marketing services available. Its drag-and-drop email builder is top of the line, and Mailchimp has become renowned for its library of beautiful, professional email templates.

One other aspect that makes Mailchimp a top pick among marketers across the world is that it integrates with everything, including Woobox! When launching a campaign, simply select which Mailchimp list you would like entrants to be added to, and you’re done.


Hosting an Instagram giveaway is a great way to drive brand awareness and attract more customers into your marketing funnel. There are various applications and platforms available to make your campaign run smoothly, and in this article we’ve covered five of the best; Canava, Animoto,, Woobox, and Mailchimp. With the information in this article, we hope you move forward confidently with your next giveaway.

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