7 Contest Ideas for National Women’s Health Week

The movement of strong, independent women is more relevant than ever. To make sure our women stay on top of it all? They have got to take care of their health.

National Women’s Health Week is on May 12-18, 2019. We’re giving you seven contest ideas for every day of National Women’s Health Week.

These contests are all based on user-generated content and touch on the topics of health and fitness, nutrition, mental health and self-love.

National Women’s Health Week Contest Ideas

Day 1: What’s Your Favorite Way to Work Out?

While “working out” has a tendency to make us think about gyms, there is no right way to work out. One contest idea for National Women’s Health Week is to ask your audience to submit videos or photos of themselves indulging in their favorite way to work out. This can be hardcore sweat sessions at the gym, fast movin’ Zumba steps, calming yoga, reenacting your favorite move in a K-Pop dance class, or something as simple as taking good ol’ Max and Sparky for a walk around the block.

Day 2: Show Off Your Best Gym Hairdo

Health and fitness contest ideas don’t need to be directly related to workout tips. Finding creative tangents that still relate to health but take a more creative approach can add a unique twist to typical fitness contest ideas.

For Day 2 of National Women’s Health Week, request the help of your followers and ask them to submit a creative (and effective) gym hairstyle. Braided updo’s, pigtails, or classic Ariana Grande-inspired ponytails are fair game.

This contest would work well for women’s accessory shops, beauty salons, or hair stylists. After posting a gallery of your top submissions, you can have an interactive contest and allow users to vote for their favorite. Winners could win a colorful assortment of hair accessories, a free styling session, or a discounted haircut!

Day 3: How Do You Self-Love?

In recent years, the concept of self-love has been more prevalent, especially on social media. Self-love is anything you do to unwind, relax, and/or treat yourself. For another National Women’s Health Week contest idea, propose the question: How do you self-love?

Encourage your audience to submit any ideas they use to reward and show themselves a little self-love. Spa days, movie nights with your spouse (or yourself!), wine and paint nights, or face masks while watching Netflix rom-coms are all great ideas for self-love moments.

Day 4: What is Your Favorite Healthy Recipe?

Another contest idea for National Women’s Health Week? Food.

A fun (and tasty!) contest for your followers on social media can be about submitting images of their favorite healthy homemade meal or recipe. You can keep the contest general and ask for common meals or you can separate the contest out and ask for the best recipes for pre-workout meals, post-workout meals, and/or desserts (because we all need a bit o’ sweets every now and then).

Keep in mind that while a triple layer, double-fudge brownie cake may sound like something Willy Wonka dreams of–this is related to Women’s Health Week. Remind your audience that recipes should be healthy.

Another thing to remind your audience of? “Healthy” doesn’t need to mean “boring.” There are so many alternatives and creative spins on your favorite foods and desserts (hello, chocolate avocado mousse cheesecake!) so inspire your users to be creative and get cookin’!

This contest is great for restaurants or small businesses that have food-related products. Depending on your business, if you want to narrow down the parameters of your contest, you can have people submit a recipe using one of your particular products (for example, your new organic ginger powder) and challenge people to get creative and use your ginger powder (or whatever food item you sell) to concoct a unique and tasty recipe using your product.

Day 5: Tell Us Your Favorite Workout Gear

There are so many different products out there and we can’t know what we don’t know! A helpful contest idea for National Women’s Health Week is prompting your followers to post a quick how-to video using their favorite workout gear. Whether the gear is for working out (like kettlebells, elastic bands, or yoga mats) or post-workout gear (think foam rollers, circulation balls, or scraping tools), hearing from your users on things they use to stay fit and healthy will be beneficial to all.

Day 6: How Do You Stay Energized?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had abounding, ever-flowing energy whenever we needed it? Unfortunately, we’re not equipped like the Energizer Bunny. However, there are definitely things we can do to feel energized. For Day 6’s contest idea for National Women’s Health Week, ask your audience to post about things they do to stay energized. Maybe it’s 10 minutes of yoga at sunrise, a turmeric coconut milk latte after breakfast, or a shot of wheatgrass juice after a hard workout session.

Day 7: How Do You Spend Your Day Off?

While we are all so accustomed to “go, go, go” we must also remember to take a break every now and then. It’s great to be busy and productive; it’s just as important to take time to slow down and relax. For the last day of National Women’s Health Week contest ideas, encourage your audience to go out of their way to actually relax and submit tiny moments from their day.

Final Thoughts

User-generated content contests are engaging, interactive, and allow you to get a sneak peek into the lives of your followers. In a way, you are able to get an insider look at market research. Depending on what type of contest you choose to host, you can see their lifestyles, preferences, interests, and hobbies. Using that information, you can better tailor your products, content, and future contests to your audience.

One thing to keep in mind: user-generated contests will fare better if you post your submitters’ content. When your followers see they have the ability to show up on your Instagram Stories or Facebook posts, they’ll be more inclined to engage in hopes of getting tagged and receiving recognition for their hard work. Organize and display the best of the best submissions with the help of handy dandy systems like Woobox to streamline contest submissions, displays, and random user winner pickers.