Visual Customization in the Builder (Updated 01/20/2017)

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If you’re the artistic-type like me but have limited coding knowledge (like me), you’ve probably found yourself wishing you could customize the look of your offers without having to speak programmer-language. That’s why I am happy to announce themes and visual customization in your Woobox Customize section! Now you can set themes, upload your own background images, click and drag components, adjust component transparency, and even change fonts and text-color. Let’s get creative!

Open your toolbox of creativity by clicking Customize in your offer’s left navigation (if setting up a new offer, you will default to this page after the initial Edit screen).

Customize nav

The Pages section allows you to switch between the pages of your promotion so you can customize them individually.

Customize - Pages nav

The Elements section is where you can add “elements” like image, text, or sharing components.

Customize - Elements nav

The Styles section is where you can change the background color or image, the color and transparency of the components and form, and select a font and text colors.

Customize -Styles nav

In the “Backgrounds” area, you can upload an image for the background and display it tiled, centered, or stretched (you can also set a solid color for the screen background or combine a color with a semi-transparent image). In the second image, you can see a vertical “checkerboard” on the right of the component color panel. This adjusts the transparency. Transparency can be adjusted on all of the Background color controls:

Background menuComponent background color

In the “Fonts” area, you can choose from traditional or fancy fonts, and adjust the color of the component and form field text independently:

Here is the entry page of the promotion created with the above settings (also featured in a previous blog):

Entry Page

In this example, I used “Oleo Script” font in a lavender color, made the form button a deeper purple, and gave the button text a yellowish-tint to make it stand out:

Custom sweeps example

For this fancy Photo Contest gallery, I used an image of a picture frame as the background. I added a Spacer component (set at 300 pixels high) so that the submissions and the Title component would appear as if they were inside the frame.



For the Title component, I chose the “Rye” font again as it seemed to fit the theme best, and adjusted the color until it was a nice, matching gold.


It used to take a little coding wizardry to make your form fields appear within the offer image. Now you can simply drag the component to the desired position and make it completely transparent. Voila!

Clouds entry page

Have you created a stunning promotion with our new builder? Have Questions? Drop us a line at Happy designing!

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