Contest Customization Visual Builder

Visual Customization in the Builder *Updated 03/2018*

When this article was originally published almost two years ago, its purpose was to announce that you could change font styling, upload background images, and use new creative tools in your campaign’s Customize section.

Well, a lot has changed! In this updated version, we’ll show you some amazing new features and our favorite new addition, the Canvas element. Let’s get creative!

Open your toolbox of creativity by clicking Customize in your offer’s left navigation (if setting up a new offer, you will default to this page after the initial Edit screen).

Customize nav

The Pages section allows you to switch between the pages of your promotion so you can customize them individually.

Pages nav

The Elements section is where you can add “elements” like image, text, or sharing components.

Elements menu

Click the BGROUND (backgrounds) tab to access patterns, vector-image backdrops, a vast online photo library, or upload your own creative to use as a background.

*Each element has its own BGROUND tab as well. This will apply a background to only that element.

Backgrounds - patterns
Backgrounds - backdrops
Backgrounds - Photo Library
Backgrounds - Photo upload

In the Styles tab, you can choose fonts, font and link colors, field styles, and button styles:

Styles tab - buttons
Here’s an example we whipped up in a couple of minutes using only the basic settings in the Customize section:

UGC customize example

Canvas Element

Our newest and most exciting element in the Customize section is the Canvas element. The Canvas element is a vector-art editor that allows you to design creative right in the Customize section. Utilize all of the tools in the BGROUND tab (patterns, backdrops, photo library) as well as text and icon assets. You can also upload your own images to use in the Canvas element:

Canvas element - icons menu
Here’s a quick example of what you can do with the Canvas element:

Canvas element example


Have you created a stunning promotion with our new builder? Have Questions? Drop us a line at Happy designing!