More than Facebook: Using Woobox Across All Your Social Media Channels

People often ask us, “Do I have to use your apps on Facebook?” And the answer is “absolutely not!” Woobox allows you to target many of the most popular social channels and even multiple ones in a single promotion. Combine that with the mobile compatibility of all of the Woobox apps and you have more options than ever to reach your target customers anytime, anywhere. Here are some other social channels you can target using the Woobox Platform…


The tried and true reliable standby, don’t forget the power of your subscriber lists! Next time you send out an email blast include your offer’s shareable Woobox URL. This will ensure that they’ll be able to enter if they’re checking their inbox at the office or on their phone while out and about.


Require users follow you on Google+ by adding a “Follow on G+” button to any contest to increase your follower count. Built in sharing features for G+ also allow for easy sharing by entrants to gather bonus entries for Sweepstakes.


Our Hashtag entries for Photo and Video Contests allow you to easily collect both image and video entries from Instagram. You can add a “Follow on Instagram” button to any contest to increase your follower count as well.


Our Pin-To-Win app makes running Pinterest contests a breeze and you can add a “Follow on Pinterest” button to any contest to increase your follower count. Don’t forget you can also integrate your Pinterest account into a Facebook Tab using our Free Pinterest Tab app!


One of our most popular integrations you can easily build any promotion into a Twitter-centric one using form fields. Require users Follow you on Twitter or even Tweet as part of the entry process. Provide users with customized entry links to increase bonus entries and the reach of your promotion!


Use Hashtag entries to pull in funny or touching six second videos into your next contest. Great for companies with a pre-existing presence on Vine or for those looking to expand entry options for their next promotion. The simple nature of making six second videos also lowers the barrier of entry to your contest leading to increased entries.


Don’t ignore the traffic your site is bringing in, add your promotion to your website with an easy to use embed code. The code is automatically created for you when create your offer. All you need to do is copy and paste, so no need to be intimidated. We even created a guide with screenshots to help you out.


Users can enter Video Contests by uploading the URL of their YouTube video. This provides your contest with high quality embedded video and ensures mobile compatibility so both entrants and voters can access your promotion from anywhere!

How have you utilized Woobox to reach channels other than Facebook? Share your ideas with us in the comments! If you’re new to the platform get started for free today and if you have questions contact us at