Facebook Policy Change Prohibits Like-Gating

Facebook has changed their policy on incentivizing people to like your page. In the past, you were allowed to require that people must Like your page in order to receive some incentive such as entering a promotion, obtaining a coupon, or viewing content. Beginning November 5th, 2014 Facebook policy now prohibits incentivizing for people Liking you page.

Section 4.5

Only incentivize a person to log into your app, like your app’s Page, enter a promotion on your app’s Page, or check-in at a place. Don’t incentivize other actions. Effective November 5th, 2014, you may no longer incentivize people to like your app’s Page.

Below are some questions you might be asking.

How does this affect my Woobox promotions?

One popular feature of Woobox promotions has always been the ability to require people to Like your page in order to participate in your sweepstakes, coupons, photo contests, quizzes and the rest of our promotion apps suite. Beginning November 5th, promotions will no longer be able to require or incentivize Liking your page in order to participate. This includes both new and existing promotions.

Can I still run Like-gated promotions until November 5th?

Yes, the new policy goes into effect on November 5th. You may run Like-gated promotions until then.

Will people still Like my page if I can’t incentivize them too?

Woobox has had the option to request instead of require a Like for a long time and we’ve seen a lot of promotions run through our system without requiring a Like. With the policy change, you may still ask people to Like your page, but you can’t require or incentivize for Liking. In past campaigns, we have seen requesting a Like perform successfully for customers looking to grow their fan base and we plan to publish some numbers soon comparing the performance. By giving users the choice you should ultimately end up with a higher quality fan base on Facebook. Remember, it’s the quality of your fans that matters more than the number of your fans.

What will happen to Likegate Static HTML Tabs?

While the ability to show content to only fans will be going away, we are working on some solutions that we think will be effective. Stay tuned for some announcements on replacement functionality. The ability to show custom HTML content on a Facebook tab is not going away. You can still use our free Custom HTML Tab, Pinterest tab, Instagram Tab, Twitter Tab, and Youtube Tab apps to show HTML content with the fangate turned off.

Any questions we didn’t think to put here? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add them with answers.

UPDATE: We’ve analyzed the performance of optional liking versus required liking. Here are the results.