5 Reasons To Use Woobox’s New Facebook Ads Manager

There’s no denying the power of Facebook advertising as a means of reaching your fans. Promoted Posts and Facebook Ads serve two key benefits for page admins: 1) they allow you to reach a larger percentage of your fan base, and 2) the material is presented when your fans are actively online, reducing the likelihood of getting buried in the timeline feed.

As a means of offering our customers a simple way to access the power of Facebook ads for Promoted Posts and Woobox Offers, we developed a Facebook ads manager that can be accessed directly from the Woobox dashboard! And the service is free for all of our paid customers. So, why place your ad through Woobox instead of through Facebook’s ads manager? We have 5 compelling reasons:


1) Its Easier and Faster!

You can launch your Woobox Offer Ad or Promoted Post directly from your dashboard with a few simple mouse clicks. Simply select the campaign or post you want to promote, select your audience, budget and dates, and instantly promote your page posts and Woobox offers! You can read the detailed instructions here.


2) Promote Your Posts to Just Your Fans

One of the features that disappeared from the promote button next to posts on your Facebook page is the ability to promote your posts to just your Facebook fans. We’ve included that feature in our ads manager, so you can promote your posts to just those eyeballs who are already fans of your page. No need to include Friends of Fans using our tool (although that is still an option).


) Create Target Audiences and Save for Future Use

You can create a target audience – just like you can via Facebook – by selecting from various demographics and audience interests – but with Woobox you can name and SAVE those target audiences and access them with one click for future campaigns. Read our how-to guide for more information on how to set up target audiences.


4) Advertise to People on Your Email List

You can upload custom audience information, such as email addresses or phone numbers, from your customer database and create a targeted ad campaign that will reach your existing customers whose email addresses are tied to their Facebook profile. Again, you can save the list as a custom audience profile and target your Facebook ads to them again at a later date without having to re-create that profile. Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found in our how-to guide.


5) Increase Offer Results and Measure the Impact of Ads

The Woobox ads manager allows you to view stats on the different target audiences you create and advertise to. You can view the reach, frequency and engagement of each group and make adjustments to your campaign based on that data. You can easily see which audience segments create the most engagement and adjust accordingly.  Best of all, when you promote Sweepstakes, Photo Contests, Coupons and other Woobox promotions, the stats show you exactly how advertising increased your results and drove more actions in your promotions.


BONUS) The best part about Woobox’s new ads manager is that its totally free for Woobox customers! There’s no premium or service charge for Woobox paid customers. You can easily promote your posts or promote your offers with Facebook ads, and the only thing you pay for is the cost of the ad campaign itself.

We look forward to hearing from our customers and welcome input, feedback and most of all, we really want to hear your success stories! Our comprehensive How-To Guide to using Woobox’s new ad manager can be found here.