The Hobbit’s Video Contest Promotion

Warner Bros wanted a great way to have fans submit video questions for Peter Jackson about The Hobbit for a live event.  They needed an easy way to have fans submit videos and also wanted to display those videos in a Facebook Page Tab gallery so other fans could view them.   It turned out to be a perfect fit for the Woobox Video Contest app.

The submission form you see below allows users to submit the YouTube URL of their video question.  Having users submit their videos to YouTube first means that the videos get even greater exposure, and can be viewed by the public on both Facebook and YouTube.  Once the video is submitted, the user is shown a “thank you” page, and the video is placed into the gallery.


The Woobox Video Contest app lets you auto-approve all new submissions for instant user gratification; or you can choose to manually review each one via the Submissions dashboard.  Once approved, the submissions are placed in the gallery for everyone to view.  The app lets you enable the ability for users to vote on their favorite video submissions; or to disable voting and just display a gallery of user-submitted videos.  Visitors can click the videos to open them in a light-box window where the video will start playing automatically.   Viewers can quickly jump from one video to the next by clicking on the forward/back arrows included in the light-box view.


Video Contests  are available to all Woobox customers.  You can set up a contest in Admin-Only Mode for free to test it out and purchase one of our plans to publish it live.  Whether you’re looking to have a simple video gallery or a full user-generated submission contest with voting, you can do it with this app.  You can find more examples and information on the app’s overview page at

Contact our support team if you have any questions about using this feature.  Get started today at