Vine Video Contests with Hashtag Entry now at Woobox

We think Vine is perfect for Video Contests so we’ve added Vine support for Woobox Video Contests with the ability to enter via hashtag!

We find our customers’ most engaging video contests have loads of short length video entries.  This lets fans and followers check out many entries in a session and encourages more entries.  Twitter’s Vine is perfect for Video Contests for this very reason.

Have you heard of Vine yet?  It’s a new way of recording videos via an iOS device (support for other devices is surely coming soon) and sharing them.  Users have six seconds to record their video – starting and pausing as they choose.  Once ready, it’ll loop and repeat when played.  Vines can easily be shared on Twitter or the Vine iOS app with a catchy caption and/or hashtag.


As Twitter has proven, it’s amazing what can be created and communicated with constraints such as a 140 character limit and now six seconds.  We’re already seeing hilarious shorts, compelling video snippets of life around the globe, and some good ol’ fashioned magic.

With this explosion of creativity comes the opportunity to host promotions for your fans and followers.  The Woobox Video Contest app allows Vine submissions via entry form or hashtag on Twitter.  So, what do you do for your first contest?  Here are a few seed ideas to get you started:

– Best use of a brand tagline
– Best product placement
– Most creative use of a product
– Product/experience testimonials
– Product demonstrations

With the Woobox Video Contest app you can create an entry form to let users submit the URL for a Vine video or have the system automatically import Vine videos that are shared on Twitter with a hashtag you select for your contest.   Your contest can be set to run as a dedicated micro-site, embedded on your website, or directly on your Facebook page as a tab.   Once videos are submitted, you can choose to automatically approve entries to show in the gallery or you can pre-approve entries from the dashboard.  The approved Vine videos will be displayed in a gallery style layout and allow users to Vote for their favorites.

Vine Video Contest Example

To create your own Vine video contest create a Woobox account and select the Video Contest App.  On the Settings page you will see the option to select Vine as the video type.  If six seconds isn’t long enough you can also use the Video Contest app just as easily for Youtube videos.  You can access this app and learn about the entire Woobox app suite at