Announcing: Coupons Page Tab App for Facebook

Your fans can now complete the entire process of getting a coupon directly on your Facebook page!   Our new Facebook app will add a Coupons tab to your Facebook fan page.   Once added, you can completely customize it by setting an image to show to non-fans, using text or an image to show fans the offer, and using text or an image for the voucher.  All of the standard coupon features are supported on the page tab.

To complete the offer, users simply Like your page then enter their email in the page tab window (if required), and click the Get a Coupon button.   The voucher is displayed and can be printed from within your Coupons page tab.

With this new page tab, you could run a promotion on Facebook that was limited to one per fan.  Woobox will automatically check to see if the fan has already been issued a voucher.  They will only be allowed to get a voucher once.   It’s a great way to reward every fan with just one really great offer for liking your page.

Ready to try it?  Click here to install the Coupons page tab to your Facebook page.  Then Create a Coupon and visit the Tab Settings page to customize the your tab.  Best of all it’s available on our Free accounts!