Bonus Entries via Shared URL on Twitter

Bonus Entries for Facebook & Twitter Sweepstakes via Shared Link

January 25, 2012

There’s a new option for Sweepstakes offers that doesn’t require Facebook permissions to award Bonus Entries!  Now, you can choose to “Award n bonus entries per user that clicks and enters from entrant’s share link.”  With this feature,  users share a unique tracking link to your sweepstakes and get Bonus Entries for anyone that enters after clicking their shared link.  The new Bonus Entries option is available for both Facebook and Twitter-based Sweepstakes offers; and it’s a great incentive to encourage people to share your promotion more often, in more places!

Awarding Bonus Entries for Facebook Friends Who Enter
This is the original method used with the Bonus Entries feature; and with this option, additional entries are awarded when a user’s Facebook …

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Coupons Help Guide

January 16, 2012

Here’s the latest addition to the Woobox series of informational presentations; created to help users understand how Woobox promotions work, and to aid in maximizing the success of your offers.

You can use the following link to view or share the presentation:
Get started with your own Coupons promotions now by logging in to your Woobox account (or signing up for an account) and then adding an offer! You can create as many offers as you want, and even issue up to 50 vouchers per month for free! If you haven’t already subscribed to a Woobox Pro plan, make sure to upgrade your account and check out our other offer types, including Sweepstakes, Rewards, and Group Deals!
Still have …

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One entry per User >> Options Dropdown

Set Your Sweepstakes to Allow “One Entry per Email per Day”

We’ve expanded your options for Sweepstakes entry settings!  Now you can restrict entries for a Sweepstakes offer to just one entry per email address each day.  This setting is similar to the “One entry per Facebook user per day” option that many Woobox users take advantage of regularly within their contests.  You can change the One entry per User setting under the Entry Page section of the offer’s Edit Sweepstakes page.

Probably the most exciting benefit of running a Sweepstakes with the “One entry per Email Address per day” setting is that it can help you drive more traffic to your page from both new and returning visitors!  It can be tough to get return visits to your page if you don’t …

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Custom Form in Entry Page

Introducing Custom HTML Forms for Woobox Promotions

January 11, 2012

Customizing your Woobox entry pages is now only limited by your imagination.  By using our new HTML Form option, you can replace our standard forms with your own completly custom input forms.  You can use any input fields you like, require them, and set custom error messages.   All user input will be automatically stored in the Woobox export file for your promotion.  You can still use all of our great viral features with custom forms such as bonus entries when friends enter, multi-page required liking, bonus entries for liking, and more.  The first campaign run with this new feature was the “Postcard from South Africa” Sweepstakes by South African Airways (shown below).  If you’d like to see some live examples …

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Sweepstakes Help Guide

January 9, 2012

Check out the first in a new Woobox series of informational presentations; designed to guide your understanding of how Woobox offers work and to help you maximize the success of your offers.

You can use the following link to view or share the presentation:
Can’t wait to get going with your own Sweepstakes? Log in to Woobox (or sign up here with your Facebook account) and create a new offer! If you haven’t already subscribed to a Woobox Pro plan, make sure to upgrade your account so you can start your new offer immediately!

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