Small business offer ideas

Getting the most out of your Small Business page with Woobox

With this installment of the “Getting the most out of…” series, we’ll continue to focus on your small or local business, no matter what you do. Last time, we discussed using voucher-based promotions. This time, we’ll go over some possibilities for offers using different app types. Here are some ideas that you can expand on, use as inspiration, or just take for yourself!


There may be a lot of other record stores in your music-loving town, so you need a little exposure to get your name out there among your competition and grow your fan-base. A Sweepstakes could be the answer, where you could offer your fans on social media a chance to win a $100 vinyl shopping spree! Enable Bonus Entries, and watch the offer go viral! Once a user enters and finds out that they can earn (1-25) Bonus Entries for each friend that enters, they will share the offer on their social profiles and you’ll get new fans and new customers. How to create a Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes post entry

Photo Contest

If the brides-to-be in your area aren’t in your bridal boutique, they’re probably posting selfies on Instagram and Twitter. How about a Wedding-Dress-Nightmares Photo Contest? Entrants can enter by uploading a pic of the tackiest wedding ensemble they’ve ever seen to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag #weddingdressnightmare. Users love the ease and convenience of hashtags, and with all those wonderfully horrendous pics for fans to enjoy, your engagement and brand-awareness is sure to grow. How to create a Photo Contest

Photo gallery

Video Contest

If your salon patrons are scarce outside of wedding season, a fun Video Contest with a Grand-Prize makeover could help to get people engaged in your page and remembering that they need a facial and a new ‘do. Ask fans to submit a video about why they deserve a makeover and enable voting to bring in the traffic. Video Contests are fun for entrants and voters, and can expose your business to new potential clients. How to create a Video Contest

Video Contest


There are almost endless possibilities with Quizzes. You can create a Personality-style quiz or a Trivia-style quiz. Even if you aren’t awarding a prize, Quizzes are fun and engaging. Fans of your art supply store will love a Personality-style quiz where they can find out which famous artist they’re most similar to. You design the questions, answer choices, and possible results. The entrant can then share their results on their own timeline and encourage their friends to take your Quiz too (you can also enable bonus entries to encourage more sharing if you plan on picking a winner)! How to create a Quiz

Quiz result


Fans and potential customers of your clothing boutique love fashion (duh). So why not create a “who wore it best” style Poll? Unlike a supermarket tabloid, the user can vote and keep up with who’s winning. Collect email addresses to keep fans updated on sales and new merchandise, and pick a random winner from entrants. How to create a Poll

Poll entry page


Watching the games and sharing predictions with friends is the main reason people come to your sports bar. So why not use a Bracket promotion to increase engagement? You could even use a tablet or laptop and have patrons make their predictions from the bar! The winner could get free drinks or a free meal and the best reward of all: bragging rights! How to create a Bracket

Bracket vote page

With all of the customization options in your Woobox dashboard, it’s easy to create a fun and unique promotion that is specific to your business. The only limit is your imagination! Have an idea for a creative promotion for small businesses? Just have questions? Email us at