LUNA’s Cheer Card Contest

For LUNA’s Cheer Card Contest, fans can submit their best “cheers” to be voted on by other fans. The contest application automatically converts a user’s text entry into a cheer card image using the background and font LUNA supplied.  The cheer card then goes into a voting gallery where fans can vote for their favorites.  The winning cheer card slogans will be printed onto actual cheer cards to line one mile of the Nike Women Half Marathon in Washington, D.C. and cheer on the runners.


When LUNA approached us with the idea, we knew 90% of the solution was already built with our Photo Contest application.  There were only a few things we would need to add to the Woobox platform to make a great cheer card contest; namely the ability to preview and generate the cheer card images on the entry page.   We went to work on it, and the result is what you see in these screenshots and the live contest:


The best part is that this capability is now available to all Woobox customers.  The ability to create and preview user-generated images using an HTML5 canvas from the entry page is available on all of our apps that have entry pages including Sweepstakes and Photo Contests.  The possibilities are really endless; cheer cards are just one example.

If you have an idea for a promotion, we’re here to help you succeed. Contact our support team if you have any questions about using this new feature.  Get started today at