Announcing Passbook Support for the Woobox Coupons App

iOS 6 is here, and you can now create Passbook coupons using Woobox! You can use Passbook passes with all of the great features already built into our Coupons app such as requiring that users Like your Facebook Page to get a coupon, limiting coupons to one per Facebook user, and much more.

The new Passbook capability gives users accessing your promotion on their iPhone the option to store a pass for the voucher on their phone in Apple’s Passbook app. The created pass contains a QR code that is unique to each voucher (just like standard Woobox Coupons), which can be scanned with any QR code reading app for instant validation and redemption. For a low tech solution, you can also print out a list of issued vouchers and mark them off by hand using the unique redemption code.

Passbook support is even available on the free version of our Coupons app to issue up to 50 passes per month. Visit for more information about the Coupons app and sign up to get started with creating your own Passbook coupons. We’d love to hear what you think!