Woobox Short URLs Now Auto-Redirect to Tab and Mobile

We’ve made a major enhancement that will drive users to your Facebook page tab.  Your Woobox short URL will now automatically detect and send desktop users to your Facebook page tab (if it’s installed).  Mobile users (who can’t see Facebook page tabs) will be directed to the mobile-enabled version of your Woobox offer.

This means it’s easier than ever to share your Woobox promotion on your Facebook Wall.   In the past, if you wanted to share a link to the offer tab, you had to use a special URL; although most people typically used the full http://facebook.com/… tab URL.  This had a big downside; when you share a Facebook page tab URL, Facebook automatically uses the page’s info text for the shared message.  Anyone that has tried sharing that way can testify to what a pain it is.  Now you just have to post the Woobox short URL for your offer (i.e., http://woobox.com/q92j8d).

When you post the short URL, the share message will be exactly what you’re expecting straight from the text that was setup in your Woobox offer.  Even better, when desktop users click on your link in a News Feed story, they will be sent straight to the Facebook page tab for your offer.  When mobile users click on the link in a News Feed story, they will be sent to the mobile-enabled version of your offer.  The link will work this way regardless of who is sharing it.

This new method simplifies and improves the old ways to share your coupons, sweepstakes, and other promotions, and keeps more of your offer process inside your Facebook tab.

Add an offer today and check out this new sharing function!  For future updates and general tips, follow @wooboxapp on Twitter and check out our Facebook page!  Not a customer yet? Sign up and you can try everything in preview mode for free.