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New: Require a Tweet or Follow without using Twitter Auth Dialog

April 11, 2014

Woobox has added new tweet & follow elements for entry forms that allow you to require entrants to tweet or follow your Twitter handle in order to participate in the promotion  - or include as an optional source for bonus entries.  The best part is, unlike our old options, the Twitter app authorization dialog is now optional but the requirement to tweet or follow can still be verified.  It is now easier than ever to grow your Twitter following, increase your brand presence, and improve the viral nature of Twitter promotions!
You can add the new Twitter options to your entry form by adding them in the “Form Fields” section of any promotion in the dashboard. Here’s a breakdown for how …

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Woobox Launches Touchscreen Endurance Challenge App

April 1, 2014

Auto dealers made the concept popular in the real world, and now Woobox has brought the endurance contest to the virtual world with Touchscreen Endurance Challenges!

Inspired by the popular real-world contest that requires participants to maintain continual contact with a product (usually a car) for a chance to win, this last-man-standing contest pits participants against one another to see who can outlast the competition. Woobox is proud to offer our own virtual version of this phenomenon with our new Touchscreen Endurance Challenge app, which allows companies to hold a contest that requires entrants to maintain contact with their computer or mobile device. Who ever maintains contact the longest, wins!
How to Set Up Your Touchscreen Endurance Challenge
Login to your dashboard and …

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Pick A Winner Via #Hashtag Entry for Twitter and Instagram!

March 26, 2014

If you’ve tried our free Pick A Winner app for Facebook, then you know how simple we have made the process of picking a winner from a Facebook post promotion. Did you know that you can also pick winners on Twitter and Instagram by using a specific hashtag? For example, if you tell your followers to tag posts with #InsertYourHashtagHere, our tool will randomly select a winner from all those public hashtag mentions, removing all the guesswork and any hints of favoritism from the equation!
Here’s how it works:
Step 1) Come up with a creative promotion with a unique hashtag specifically for Twitter or Instagram that provides a product or service that your fans desire. 

Remember, you have a limited number of …

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Timeline Redesign UPDATE: Tabs Are Back (With Images!) On Business Pages

March 13, 2014

Facebook heard your message loud and clear! Tabs, which were moved to a text link when the redesign was announced earlier this week, now have a new home  in the left-side column of your timeline in addition to the text links and “more” drop-down directly above your page posts:


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Why We Think The New Timeline Layout Is Good For Your Facebook Page Tabs!

March 10, 2014

Facebook is rolling out a new timeline design, and many Page Admins are voicing their concerns – page tabs, which are currently prominently featured with an image, will now be text links.  Those of us who have been doing this for a while will remember that’s how they were before the current design.
The new timeline layout features five page tab links, three of which are permanent and can’t be changed (Timeline, About, and More), the other two (currently shown as Photos and Videos in the example below) will be modifiable to any custom page tab you would like (Sweepstakes, Photo Contest, Twitter, Pinterest, etc), with the balance of your page tabs viewable under the “More” option:

Page Admins are concerned that their …

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