Password Promotion

Woobox Remixed: Password Promotion

June 28, 2016

Some of the most successful businesses are those who have a strong Social Media presence. Being creative and engaging with consumers can be difficult, but our app makes that process much easier, providing you the ability to build promotions that pull your customers in consistently. With a few setting changes you can create a whole new contest idea with little effort. Our apps allow you to customize the form fields that users complete before submitting an entry, which makes it simpler for you to create a unique contest, even if you use the same app for every contest. An idea that works well in engaging users is a Word of The Day type of promotion that can be created with …

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Picking a winner

Woobox Remixed: Randomly Selecting a Winner

June 10, 2016

Polls, Quizzes, and Photo Contests are definitely engaging for your fans… and yes, in a Photo Contest you can have users vote or have a panel of judges select a winner, but did you know that you can use the Pick a Winner button in the Winners section of a Video Contest, UGC Contest (new), Bracket, Poll, Quiz, Form app, Download app, Photo Contest, or a Pin to Win contest?
Generally, a Poll, Quiz, or Download app do not have a “grand prize winner” but you can treat any of these apps as a Sweepstakes to help grow engagement. Just be sure to include something in the copy about one lucky participant in your Quiz being randomly selected to be the …

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Tracking Pixels Made Easy

Tracking Pixels Made Easy!

May 27, 2016

Adding tracking pixels is the easiest way to build and optimize your audience and now adding them to your offers has gotten just as easy. The days of switching your offer to custom mode and fiddling around with HTML or Javascript to add your tracking pixels are officially over!

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FB Reactions 4

Export Facebook Reactions From Timeline Posts

May 17, 2016

Learn and analyze what customers think about your timeline post content with exportable Facebook Reactions.

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Guarenteed Winning Bracket

Woobox Bracket App: 2016 NCAA Tournament Template

March 14, 2016

An estimated 70 million brackets will be filled this week. Get your brand into the action of the 2106 NCAA Tournament with our Tournament Template for Woobox’s Predictive Bracket App!

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