Re-Gifted: The Best of Woobox Holiday Posts

December 18, 2014

We believe the best gifts are the ones that keep on giving but that doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a subscription to the Jelly Of The Month Club. We had a lot of successful promotions during the Holiday season last year and we thought you’d enjoy a recap of some of our most popular and helpful posts. So use this post as a guide to get your marketing sleigh through the fog this year.
Woobox Case Study: Lights4fun Christmas Photo Contest
The holiday season is a time of giving and in that spirit Lights4Fun held a Photo Contest to give one local charity a £1000 donation. It’s a great success story of how one brand used the holiday season to increase brand …

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INFOGRAPHIC: 2014 Holiday Shopping Trends

December 1, 2014

This infographic highlights some of the interesting data from the National Retail Federation’s annual Holiday Consumer Spending Survey for 2014.

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How To: Create a Poll Post

November 14, 2014

We’ve just launched a whole new type of app; unlike any of our other available tools, while also drawing from features of both our Posts tool and our Polls offer app. The Poll Post app allows you to create a live poll that will be entirely hosted and run on your Facebook Business Page’s Timeline. This blog post aims to help you understand how to get started creating your very first Poll Post.

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Introducing: Poll Posts from Woobox

You know how Facebook used to allow you to post polls directly to your Business Page’s Timeline? Ever wonder what happened to that feature? We did; so we created our own tool for it, which we’re calling Poll Posts. This new tool allows you to run a poll via an image posted on your Timeline, where votes will be counted based on comments posted with specified hashtags. It’s simple to set up, provides an easy way for users to interact with your Page(s) in a fun and informative way.

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How much does the Like-Gate ban really affect your campaigns? Here are the numbers.

November 5, 2014

The era of required Like Gates has now ended. How effective is your new option? We’ve sifted through that data so you know what to expect now that policy prohibits requiring Likes for promotions.

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