UGC User Generated Content: Why it’s BIG

Social media: the OG of UGC. Each day social media is flooded with original content, many times displaying products or ideas that could relate to brands. In a sense, this is free, organic brand awareness. With Woobox, you can take full advantage of this and award your users for their loyalty and mentions of your brand. Of course you could do a Photo Contest or a Video Contest, but if you want a mix of Photos, Videos, and Text – an ocean of opportunities – you’ll want to utilize our User Generated Content (UGC) App to optimize user content.

We could write blogs all day and night about the engagement and the branding that User Generated Content provides; there’s just nothing …

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How to Effectively Test your Woobox promotions

One of the most common questions that we get from first time Woobox users is about what our free plan includes. Here at Woobox we offer the ability to fully create, customize, and test your promotion for free before ever needing to pay to take it live. So that leads to the follow-up question that everyone wants to know: “How do I make the most of this free plan for my promotion”. Great question! In this article we are going to break down the most effective methods to fully test your promotion to ensure it is ready to go as soon as you purchase your plan to have users participate.
Admin-Only Mode
As most avid social media users are aware, Facebook has …

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Visual Customization in the Builder

If you’re the artistic-type like me but have limited coding knowledge (like me), you’ve probably found yourself wishing you could customize the look of your offers without having to speak programmer-language. That’s why I am happy to announce themes and visual customization in your Woobox Customize section! Now you can set themes, upload your own background images, click and drag components, adjust component transparency, and even change fonts and text-color. Let’s get creative!
Open your toolbox of creativity by clicking on the icon that looks like a “Painter’s Palette” in the upper-left corner, just above the Add Component button. This will open a toolbar (this is also where you can access the CSS and Javascript areas).

In the “Backgrounds” section, you can …

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Woobox Remixed: Password Promotion

Some of the most successful businesses are those who have a strong Social Media presence. Being creative and engaging with consumers can be difficult, but our app makes that process much easier, providing you the ability to build promotions that pull your customers in consistently. With a few setting changes you can create a whole new contest idea with little effort. Our apps allow you to customize the form fields that users complete before submitting an entry, which makes it simpler for you to create a unique contest, even if you use the same app for every contest. An idea that works well in engaging users is a Word of The Day type of promotion that can be created with …

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Woobox Remixed: Randomly Selecting a Winner

Polls, Quizzes, and Photo Contests are definitely engaging for your fans… and yes, in a Photo Contest you can have users vote or have a panel of judges select a winner, but did you know that you can use the Pick a Winner button in the Winners section of a Video Contest, UGC Contest (new), Bracket, Poll, Quiz, Form app, Download app, Photo Contest, or a Pin to Win contest?
Generally, a Poll, Quiz, or Download app do not have a “grand prize winner” but you can treat any of these apps as a Sweepstakes to help grow engagement. Just be sure to include something in the copy about one lucky participant in your Quiz being randomly selected to be the …

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