Data from User Generated Content voters

Collecting data from UGC voters is now LIVE!

That’s right, the moment so many of you have been waiting for is here! Now you can collect names and email addresses (and even include an email opt-in) from voters in your Woobox Photo, Video, and UGC contests!

Get Quality Leads by Offering the Right Prize

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what kind of promotion will work best to attain your company’s goals while avoiding “serial-sweepstakers” who are just looking to win a great prize. After all, if none of your offer’s entrants become fans or customers, you’ve wasted your time and resources. Hopefully this blog gives you some ideas for designing a successful campaign without giving away the farm.

Collect Data from UGC voters with a Poll Campaign

Collecting data is a feature that will be added to our Photo, Video, and UGC contests soon, but since that feature has not been implemented yet, here’s a quick tutorial on using a Poll app and your user-submitted content to collect that information from voters…

Voting-Only Campaign: Photo, Video, or UGC

Thinking of running a promotion where your fans will vote in a gallery but you already have the content? It’s easier than you might think with our UGC, Photo, and Video contest apps!

Woobox Update: Customization

Here at Woobox we are always looking for ways to make your experience easier and more intuitive. That means that the look of your dashboard and the location of some controls may change from time to time. We have just rolled out an update to the builder (customize section) and we’d like to show you what has changed so that you can hit the ground running when you setup your next promotion.