7 Mother’s Day Promotions & Marketing Ideas to Celebrate Moms

Your Mother’s Day promotion ideas give moms a special treat while wooing customers looking for gift ideas. A majority of US adults celebrate Mother’s Day, and Hallmark says it’s “the second most popular holiday for gift-giving.” Last year people spent $28.1 billion, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF).  

Highlighting gifts for mom and promoting a holiday-focused campaign can increase your seasonal sales. However, standing out from the crowd and capturing the attention of your target audience isn’t easy. After all, nearly every business offers Mother’s Day promotions. Set your brand apart using marketing ideas celebrating mom across your online channels. Here are seven tactics to delight your customers.

1. Mother’s Day Promotion Ideas for Social Media

According to Edison Research, “92% of US moms use social media,” making your social platforms a critical component of your Mother’s Day marketing plan. Moreover, 80% “turn to it for product recommendations,” with over half of moms saying they look at Facebook first. Mothers also turn to social channels to feel connected, be entertained, and stay informed.

Although Facebook is a top spot for moms — 81% of moms use Facebook versus “61% of the total US population” age 12 and over — they also flock to Instagram and Pinterest. Use your social platforms to spotlight mothers by celebrating and rewarding them. 

Social media promotion ideas include:

  • Pinterest: Create a board dedicated to moms. Curate content like infographics with stats about mothers and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Sprinkle in your Mother’s Day promotion ideas, such as discount codes or coupons. Don’t forget to share a link to your giveaway!
  • Facebook: Since moms turn to Facebook for recommendations, it’s a good idea to post a mix of gift ideas for moms alongside “treat yourself” guides. Launch a Mother’s Day giveaway a week or two before the holiday and keep it simple by using a Facebook comment picker to draw a random winner.
  • Instagram: 53% of moms use Instagram, and there are over 29 million posts with the #mothersday hashtag. Share photos or quotes from your team and encourage your followers to add their thoughts in the comments. Again, you can use a free Instagram comment picker to pick a giveaway winner easily. 

2. Capture the Moment: Mother’s Day Photo Contests

Many moms connect to their friends and family by taking and sharing photos. They capture the good times, sentimental moments, and even those disastrous ones. Create a gallery and allow voting for the funniest pictures or “best” of categories. 

Host a Mother’s Day photo contest that is:

  • Entertaining: Show the humorous side of motherhood by asking your audience to share a #momfail. 
  • Sentimental: Can your customers dig up a photo from their first year of motherhood? 
  • Generational: Get everyone involved by requesting user-generated content (UGC) with children, mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. 

3. Tag Your Mom for a Chance to Win

Asking fans to tag their favorite mom in the comments of your Facebook or Instagram post is a straightforward tactic for your Mother’s Day promotion ideas. Create a bundled prize for two and choose a random winner from your social media comments. 

Go a step further by coming up with a hashtag so fans can share a photo for a chance to win. Don’t forget to give details about your prize and encourage entrants to follow your page.

4. Best Mother’s Day Gifts Bracket Challenge

bracket challenge can have four to 64 choices and one or more rounds. It’s a unique take on Mother’s Day marketing ideas. ESPN ran a bracket contest showcasing the best TV/Sports moms, but you can run a bracket using any mom-related topic.

Switch up the subject matter with:

5. Marketing Ideas to Celebrate Mom: Share Your Memory

Give customers a space to share their memories. It can be as simple as a post on Facebook or your community page. But you can also use this theme across your online platforms and in your brick-and-mortar locations. 

Take a sentimental approach this Mother’s Day by: 

  • Dedicating a page on your website: Your Mother’s Day gift shop can include brand-specific promotions and highlight images and photos from your customers. Plus, use a pop-up to promote your Mother’s Day giveaway. 
  • Hosting a UGC contest: Encourage your fans to submit their memory in their preferred format: video, photo, or text. And promote your UGC contest across multiple channels with a standalone landing page and social media posts.
  • Developing DIY content: Customers want unique ways to celebrate Mother’s Day and tips for making it extra special. Stick with your “Share Your Memory” campaign with cheat sheets and tutorials for incorporating history into a DIY gift.
  • Designing an in-store “Memory With Mom display: Showcase DIY gifts and distinctive Mother’s Day products or gift bundles. Use a quick response (QR) code on your display to send customers to your giveaway landing page. 

6. Every Mom is a Winner With an Instant Win Game

Bring moms back to your website or landing page every day for a chance to win a prize instantly. You set the odds and time period, then promote your Mother’s Day Instant Win game across your online platforms, including email.  

Design a code giveaway so that every mom wins a discount or gets a free gift with their next order. Then offer a series of other prizes to your instant winners, such as gift baskets or gift cards.

7. Mom & Kids Quiz: Post Your Answers to Win

Quizzes engage users on social media and your website. You can even include them in your email campaigns. A personality quiz can also be a product recommendation tool, perfect for helping your customers find the perfect Mother’s Day gift. 

On the other hand, trivia quizzes test the knowledge of moms or kids. Entertain your fans with references to pop culture, like sharing your favorite mom and me moments from Golden Girls. Then introduce your quiz. For an added bonus, ask social media followers to comment with their score for a chance to win your giveaway.

Quiz your customers with these Mother’s Day promotion ideas: 

  • How well do you know your mom?
  • What type of mom are you?
  • Can you pass this new mom quiz?
  • What’s your “Mom” personality?
  • Which Golden Girl mother are you?
  • Do you recognize these famous mothers?
  • How well do you know your daughter or son?
  • Which superhero mom are you?
  • Moms in the workplace quiz
  • Are you ready to be a mom?
  • What should you buy mom for Mother’s Day?
  • Which Disney mom are you?

Develop Memorable Mother’s Day Promotion Ideas

Celebrate moms with a multi-channel Mother’s Day campaign. Create a theme that’s entertaining or sentimental, or both. And share content tailored to your audience, like gift guides or tips for making the day special. Launch a giveaway or contest during your Mother’s Day drive and use it to reward special moms while building engagement levels. 

Need help turning your marketing ideas into reality?

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