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6 Video Marketing Examples for Social Media Giveaways & Contests

Are you using video marketing to promote your campaigns? If so, then you’ll join plenty of others who plan on exploring video creation this year. In 2020 alone, 41% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers will add videos to their marketing strategy, according to a survey by Sagefrog Marketing Group.

Video marketing doesn’t require heavy equipment or in-depth knowledge of video production. You can use your cell phone or a plethora of online apps and templates to quickly create captivating digital assets. Discover why videos give your company an advantage and how marketers use video as a promotional tool. Plus, check out the inspirational examples for your next giveaway campaign.

How do marketers use video marketing?

Marketers employ video marketing on landing pages, website pages, and social media. When it comes to video content, it seems you’re only limited by your imagination. Think about what your customers want to know, then produce new assets such as:

  • Explainer videos
  • Tutorials
  • Vlogs (video blogs)
  • Product reviews and demos
  • Interviews
  • Customer testimonials
  • Interactive video advertisements
  • Presentation and sales videos
  • Live videos with recorded versions available

Video Marketing Statistics and Trends for 2020

After cruising through a variety of video marketing statistics from industry leaders, the numbers overwhelmingly point towards an increase in marketers using video to reach leads and customers. This makes sense, considering Google finds that “watch time for shopping-related videos on YouTube grew in the US by more than five times over the past two years.”

But what do consumers want? Well, a whopping “86% of people would like to see more video from brands in 2020,” according to Wyzowl. The State of Video Marketing finds:

  • 36% want more “educational/explainer video style content.”
  • 14% would like to “see more product demos.”

In Wyzowl’s year-over-year trend report, the data shows huge growth in video marketing since 2015. When asked if marketers saw a return on investment (ROI) for video in 2015, only 33% reported a good ROI. Fast forward to 2020, where an incredible 88% record positive results. When you look at the benefits, then it’s easy to see why so many marketers add videos to their campaigns.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Adding video to your marketing mix is a way to keep your content fresh, repurpose older assets, and reach new audiences. Data from Wyzowl, Social Media Today, Google, Social Media Examiner, and Animoto show that brands that use video increase:

  • Website traffic
  • Sales and leads
  • Time users spend on web pages

Other advantages of video marketing include helping users better understand a product or service, resulting in a reduction of support calls and messages.

Video Platform Popularity in 2020

All social media platforms show higher engagement rates with video. However, Facebook and YouTube continue to be the top choices. Social Media Examiner’s 2020 Social Media Marketing Industry Report finds the majority of marketers will increase their use of video content on the following platforms:

  • 69% YouTube
  • 70% Instagram
  • 66% Facebook
  • 46% LinkedIn

Video Marketing Best Practices

The last thing you want to do is spend time and money creating videos just because everyone else is doing it. Your videos must be relevant to your ideal customers and generate an emotional response, such as surprise or humor, within 30 seconds. And you only have five seconds to hook viewers and get them to click on your video.

When adding video to your marketing campaigns, follow these best practices to ensure positive ROI that supports your ongoing campaigns and promotions.

Establish a Clear Video Marketing Strategy

Put your client first by creating a video marketing strategy that uses resources wisely. Just like with blog posts, contests, or emails, it’s essential to start with a customer-focused message and a clear call to action (CTA). Decide how you want your video to make people feel and what you want them to do.

Use a combination of existing digital assets, user-generated content, and new video snippets to create a custom and consistent experience for viewers. Plus, make your videos entertaining and understandable while muted, as “80% of surveyed consumers say they are more likely to watch an entire video when captions are available,” according to Verizon Media and Publicis Media.

Select the Right Video Marketing Tools

Video marketing on a budget used to be tough. Fortunately, many platforms offer easy-to-use programs that don’t require specialized knowledge. Three popular video editing programs include:

1. Animoto. This web-based tool features drag and drop functionality to create videos and slide shares.

2. Lumen5. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Lumen5 creates editable videos from your existing content, like blog posts.

3. Moovly. Add animated clips and create captivating videos, even with limited tech or design skills.

Tailor Your Video to the Platform

Sharing the same video across all social media platforms may not produce the results you want. That’s because people use social channels differently. We recommend you select the most relevant distribution channels, then personalize your content to fit each platform.

Tips on Video Marketing for Different Channels

  • On Facebook, your video is mixed in among posts from family and friends, so keep it short, conversational, and not overly promotional.
  • YouTube represents a central hub for videos in every category. Optimize descriptions with relevant keywords for more views.
  • Polish LinkedIn videos with professional content to capture B2B audiences and boost your reputation as a thought leader.

6 Social Video Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Are you ready to incorporate video into your digital strategy? Add a snippet on your next giveaway landing page or share contest results by showcasing UGC in a Facebook video. Get inspiration from these video marketing samples.

1. Use Video Marketing on Instagram

Wyzowl says, “65% of video marketers plan to include Instagram in their 2020 video marketing strategy.” As a growing platform, Instagram offers several ways to capture attention using video:

  • Create a video post by shooting a video directly in the Instagram app.
  • Select a video from your camera roll and upload it to Instagram.
  • Host a Boomerang Video Contest for Instagram.
  • Add a carousel post with an album of several videos.
  • Turn different video clips into one Instagram video.
  • Share up to 15 seconds of a video on your Instagram Story.

Instagram videos tell a story, showcase products, and offer a sneak peek at upcoming events. Craft City Sip-In delights viewers by highlighting the latest craft brews and swag. On a hot day, it’s hard not to be tempted by the smooth pour of a North Carolina brew.

In this example, the video is far more enticing than a static image of a craft beer.

2. Add Video to Contest Landing Pages

Filling out a lead generation form isn’t on anyone’s list of fun stuff to do. Of course, leads who want a solution bad enough will take the extra time. But, what if you could get viewers invested within seconds of clicking on your landing page?

Software as a service (SaaS) companies use videos on landing pages so prospects can immediately see a product demonstration. This strategy works so well that marketers in many industries leverage video to generate leads. For instance, appeal to potential contest participants with a video showing a 3D view of your exciting giveaway prizes.

3. Create Video Ads on Facebook and YouTube

Turn your next social media advertisement into an immersive experience complete with an element of surprise. Facebook and YouTube remain popular platforms for video advertising.

Facebook says, “There’s a video ad for any business, any budget, any goal.” Develop a short film and incorporate your branding within the first three seconds. Add video to your Facebook ad strategy by boosting a video post or producing a video ad that shows up in newsfeeds.

YouTube provides marketers with a variety of video ad formats to fit your budget and audience. As a prime place for watching content, it’s no surprise that video ads do well on YouTube. However, according to The State of Paid Social, pre-roll skippable ads produce the best ROI.

4. Leverage Video in Your Quizzes

Quizzes are a fun way to introduce users to your brand or recommend products. But, you can take the visual experience up a notch by adding a video to your quiz. Consider putting a video at the top of your quiz page to quickly explain what your fans will get out of your quiz or incorporate video into various questions.

For even more pizazz, make it an interactive event like you’ll find in these fun examples from Eko and Buzzfeed.

5. Engage Email Subscribers With a Video

Help your email subscribers by responding to a flood of messages with the same question by sharing a short explainer video. You can embed it in your email or create a captivating thumbnail that links to your website or landing page with the video.

Merely putting the term “video” in your subject line may boost opens by 19%! Announce contest winners, give a prize sneak peek, or just say thank you to loyal fans with a personalized video.

6. Use a Video to Ask Fans to Submit Videos!

Want more videos? With the right prizes, your fans will gladly enter your video contest. A top tactic for contest promotion is going live on Facebook or Instagram to announce your competition. Generate interest by adding short video snippets on your landing pages and social media posts. Ask fans to share their videos and get their friends to vote on their favorites.

Video Marketing Tips for 2020

Get more results from your giveaway campaigns by sharing unique videos across your digital assets. Hosting a contest? Announce it live! Introducing a new product? Post a product demo on Facebook. With free or low-cost tools, any marketer can add compelling videos to their promotional stockpile. Need more ideas? Check out these posts for inspiration:

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