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8 Best Quiz Ideas to Entertain & Inform Your Audience

Do you want more eyes on your marketing campaigns? Interactive content, like fun quiz ideas, gets people clicking and sharing. It’s a nice change of pace from scrolling through social media feeds. Marketers use engaging polls and quizzes to delight fans while generating leads and boosting brand awareness.

But, some quizzes fall flat, leading you to ask, “How do you write a fun quiz,” or “How can I make a quiz more interesting?” The answers to these questions depend on your audience, why they take a quiz, and what they want. Plus, why stop with just one quiz? Boost engagement by creating a series of quizzes designed to engage, educate, and motivate your audience.

How to Add Quiz Ideas to Your Content Marketing Strategy

According to the Content Marketing Institute, “46% of marketers use some type of interactive content in their marketing mix.” Out of those surveyed:

  • 66% use interactive marketing for engagement
  • 58% for creating brand awareness
  • 57% for lead generation
  • 50% for conversion
  • 33% for sales and sales enablement

Quizzes can be evergreen or time-sensitive. You can recommend products or encourage fans to download your latest product guide. Interactive content gives you long term visibility for use across various campaigns. After all, quizzes are kind of like Lay’s tagline, “Betcha Can’t Eat Just One.”

Once you start interacting, then you don’t want to go right back to scrolling. Learn how to grow your audience by offering more than one quiz along with other easy-to-consume, satisfying content. Doing so gives you a higher return on overall investment by turning your quizzes into consistent lead generation tools.

Create a Quiz Hub Page on Your Website

Encourage your audience to interact regularly by creating a landing page for your quizzes. Buzzfeed offers an excellent example of a hub page. The company uses a magazine-style format with high-quality images, compelling quiz titles, and very brief descriptions. Fans scroll through the web page to find topics that interest them.

Create something similar on your site by using a portfolio-style format with photo boxes that link to your quiz. Add social sharing buttons and provide fun or unobtrusive social media post suggestions to encourage more excited or delighted shares from your fans.

Develop a Quiz Distribution Plan

It’s not enough to just share your quiz on your main social media channels. Sure, you’ll get brand visibility and collect email addresses. But, you can get more out of every quiz by creating a quiz distribution plan that further expands your reach.

Blog posts and downloadable content. Match a quiz to a blog post, so your audience can satisfy their urge to learn more about the quiz results. You can include product recommendations, buying guides, reviews, and downloadable eBooks.

Social media. Ask fans to share their results in the comments, or that you’re excited to see the results in the comments. This gives your audience more social proof, increasing engagement levels. Consider adding a poll to see what type of quiz interests your audience, or invite fans to create questions for your next quiz.

Email marketing. Include a link to your quiz in your weekly emails. Put it under a section header for inspiration or information, so your email readers know what to expect before clicking. Quiz ideas that support your email marketing tactics increase click-throughs to your website.

Partner with others. Involve other small businesses and micro-influencers in your quiz production. Perhaps each partner creates a question for your small business quiz. Then, all involved parties cross-promote it across different platforms.

Quiz Ideas to Entertain Your Audience

Lighten up the mood with quiz ideas that entertain your audience. A fun quiz boosts brand awareness and increases impressions. Pair interactive content with a call-to-action that encourages fans to explore more quiz ideas on your website. Plus, boost social shares by asking your audience to tag a friend to see if they can beat their score. Popular ideas include a trivia quiz or personality quiz related to movies or current events.

1. Streaming Trivia Quiz: Which streaming service will you find these shows on?

USA Today reports, “The number of minutes the average person spent streaming TV and movies has jumped 36%,” over the past four weeks. With more folks turning to streaming services, creating a fun quiz to test their knowledge is a great way to engage your audience. Consider questions like:

  • Where can you find the latest season of Fear the Walking Dead?
  • Which streaming channel created The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?
  • Where can you watch Contagion?

2. Celebrity True/False Quiz: Which outlandish celebrity tales are true?

The game, three truths and a lie, is a fun one to play when it comes to celebrity lives. Pick five well-known celebrities. Then, read their bio and associated news stories to come up with three out-of-the-ordinary things about them. Create a fourth that is untrue. Ask your audience to pick from multiple-choice options to discover the false statement.

3. Best Pets Quiz: What Your Favorite Pet Photos Say About You

Animals are a big draw regardless of what goes on in the world. Pretty much anything you create with cute animal photos is sure to get shares. So, for a fluffy animal quiz, you don’t need to add text. Instead, your audience chooses from four adorable photos. Based on their answers, you give them a final answer about their pet choice.

Enhance your campaign by adding a Facebook photo contest as well. Encourage fans to share their best pet photos and vote for the winners in your gallery.

4. Personality Quiz or Trivia Quiz: What Your Favorite Songs Say About You

Radio streaming is also up during the coronavirus pandemic. Get your fans involved by creating a quiz around music genres such as hip hop, jazz, classical, and grunge. Or list songs by decade. Go a step further by embedding playlists on your website. Doing so gives your audience another reason to check out your site and connect with your brand.

In this example, a travel center promotes Louisiana by sharing interesting facts about great tunes.

Inform Your Fans With These Quiz Ideas

Educational quizzes help you target your audience and narrow your focus for increased conversions. The most common are product recommendations. The idea is to help the quiz taker discover something about themselves, their lives, or habits. Then, you offer solutions to improve those aspects. Informational quiz ideas increase brand awareness while helping with customer research and lead generation.

5. Diagnostic Quiz: What’s your work from home style?

Help your audience find solutions and tweak their current circumstances with a diagnostic quiz. If you put this question into a search engine, you get tons of articles about work-from-home clothing and ways to upgrade your office. For your quiz, consider:

  • Showing photos of people working in different attire, hairstyles, or on various devices
  • Asking fans about personal habits like listening to music or talk radio while working
  • Offering a free downloadable guide that helps your audience work more productively

6. Scoring Quiz: What’s your score?

Creating a scored quiz is a great way to recommend your products and personalize the customer experience. Another benefit is that a score encourages folks to take action. Many brands use a scoring quiz to direct their audience towards perfectly-matched products or services.

In the example below, Clean Eating provides an 11-question quiz to determine your sleep score. The company adds extra value by offering a free eBook to help folks get better sleep.

Quiz Ideas to Inspire Your Followers

Motivate fans to either make it through the day or take the next big step with these quiz ideas. Right now, people are stuck at home, and everyone feels like all they’re doing is eating and watching Netflix. Yet, the uncertainty of life during a pandemic leads folks to an impasse, where they feel frozen in their routine. Look for ideas that inspire or motivate them and, where possible, tie it back to your services or products.

7. Social Media Holiday Trivia Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Endangered Species?

Bounce your quiz off of a popular holiday or hashtag. You can turn this into a trivia quiz or ask questions that tie into your brand. For instance, on Saturday, May 16, it’s World Whisky Day, or perhaps you’d rather celebrate the 15th Annual Endangered Species day on May 15. By tying a quiz into a popular holiday, you increase your brand awareness using hashtags and offering interactive fun.

8. Inspirational Quiz: Discover Which Staycation Fits Your Personality

In keeping with social distancing guidelines, consider personality quiz ideas that play off of current events. Everyone wants to go on some kind of vacation after being stuck in the house for months. Your inspirational quiz may also provide insights about your audience and the challenges they face. Inspire folks to create a staycation at home with a few simple questions, like:

  • How many children go on vacation with you?
  • Do you prefer camping, glamping, hotels, or rental homes?
  • Which one do you choose: beaches, water slides, or roller coasters?

Of course, for travel brands, it makes sense to encourage your audience to dream about (and start planning) their next vacation. You’ll gain valuable insights and provide a fun way to look forward to future getaways. Whichever you choose, help your audience see the brighter side that’s coming soon.

Quiz Ideas That Build Relationships With Fans

Get more website visits and email signups using quiz ideas that inspire, educate, or entertain. Add a quiz to each campaign and create content to generate more interest (and get more eyes on) your quiz. By creating a quiz hub on your website, you give fans more ways to engage with your brand and learn about your products.

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