Using Voucher Offers for Small Businesses

If you have a local small business or physical retail establishment and do not provide any online sales or services, you need to reach out to your community and get customers to walk through your door.

It can be difficult to zero-in on ways to use social media promotions when you have a niche business or a small mom-and-pop shop. Hopefully, this will help to inspire some ideas that you can use to increase your fans and customer-base.


Coupons are, of course, a timeless classic. Who doesn’t like a discount? With our Coupon app, you can share the offer on social media and embed the promotion on your website. Users love to share a good deal with their Facebook friends, so when your fans (and their friends) get a voucher for your bakery good for 20% off of a dozen doughnuts, they’ll line up around the corner. Since you collected their email addresses and added them to your mailing list, you’ll be able to easily share future offers or events with your customers.

Deals and Group Deals

If you need to move last year’s wet-suits, a Deal or Group deal offer may be right for you. With a Deal or Group Deal, you can accept payment via PayPal and even require that the participant Tweet and/or follow you on Twitter (something you cannot require on Facebook). So, when a certain amount of people sign up for your Group Deal, the offer will become available for purchase and all the entrants can obtain their voucher for 45% off wetsuits.

Required Twitter follows and Tweets are now available in the Form Fields section of all offer types!


As mentioned above, you cannot require Likes or Shares from a Facebook user, but you can reward users for following you on Twitter or even Tweeting about your offer. With the Rewards app, you can make the offer public and require a follow to access the voucher, or make the offer available only to an exclusive “guest list” of current followers. When customers at your coffee shop find out that their friend got a free 16 oz. latte just for following you on Twitter, you may see a sudden spike in followers.

Instant Win

New location for your dog-grooming business not getting the foot traffic you had hoped for? Engage your fans with an Instant Win promotion! Users can submit the required data and attempt to win a voucher. You decide how many vouchers will be awarded, the odds of winning, and if users can enter only once or try again (and how often). Even if your Facebook fan didn’t win, they may be inclined to share your promotion with their other dog-loving friends in hopes that they will win one free dog wash!

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