Facebook Hashtag Entry for Photo Contests

Woobox’s hashtag entry for Facebook allows you to accept photo contest submissions posted directly to your timeline! Simply supply your fans with a hashtag that is specific to your brand and promotion, and then ask them to post a photo on your Facebook page’s timeline with the hashtag in the message. The entry will be tracked and added to the contest automatically! 

This is a great way to increase engagement and encourage fans by inviting them to populate your page with highly relevant content! You can combine Facebook timeline hashtag entry with all other forms of photo contest entry options available through Woobox – including uploading a photo on the entry page and hashtag entry on Twitter and Instagram. You can easily manage all submissions from your Woobox dashboard and display them in a gallery with optional voting!

NOTE: The Facebook timeline hashtag entry method will completely bypass any restrictions/settings set in the form fields or edit page. The entry data collected will be only what each source provides and, further, what has been made public by the user.

Thanks for using Woobox! We’d love to hear your success stories and enjoy hearing how our customers use our products in new and unique ways. If you have a story to share, drop us a line at support@woobox.com or share it in the comments section below.