Create an Instagram Photo Contest with Hashtag Entry

Woobox now makes it incredibly simple to run a Photo Contest that integrates with Instagram posts.  You choose a specific hashtag, and photos posted with that hashtag will automatically be entered into your Photo Contest!

WARHEADS® just ran a campaign utilizing the Instagram entry functionality, with the hashtag #showusyourcubes to promote their new Sour Chewy Cubes candy.  As you can see from the contest screenshot below, this encouraged a lot of creativity from WARHEADS fans, which resulted in more fan interaction with the contest, and some very fun submissions!

How does it work?

The Woobox Photo Contest application will automatically monitor Instagram for posts with your hashtag, and import entrant photos into the submissions dashboard, where you’ll have the chance to review and approve individual submissions to be displayed in the voting gallery.   The example above was run from a Facebook page tab, but you can choose to embed it on your website or run it on it’s own microsite.

Hashtag Entries work for Tweets too!

Not only can you enable the option to allow entries through Instagram posts with a specific hashtag term; you also have the option of enabling external entries through Twitter!  When a user tweets a photo with your hashtag term, the Photo Contest app will automatically pull in that image to the contest submissions.

Learn More & Get Started

You can get started with your own live Photo Contest for as little as $1/month, right now!  Check out the other great features of our Photo Contest app on our website at where you can also find current and past examples of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook photo contests.