How to Create Bonus Entries on Your Woobox Contests & Campaigns

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Bonus entries are a great way to ramp up your campaign and create additional touch points.

You can award bonus entries for just about any action they take online. Bonus entries encourage entrants to share your campaign and rewards them for taking action.

Setting Up Bonus Entries Is Easy!

Taking just a few simple steps can supercharge your campaigns. This tutorial will walk you through how to set up bonus entries for any of your campaigns.

If at any time you have trouble, you can email Customer Support at Woobox at or by calling (360) 450-5200. Support is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time.

Sweepstakes, Pin-to-Win, And Quizzes

If you are doing a Sweepstakes, Pin-to-Win, or Quiz campaign, setting up Bonus entries can be done by turning the setting switch under Form Entry from No to Yes.

You can also pick how many bonus entries entrants get as well as which actions give them bonus entries. Choose from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, email, or all of them.

By encouraging social sharing, you can expose more people to your campaigns. Each share will have a unique URL that is created to track action. When someone clicks on the social share and enters your contest or campaign, the unique tracking URL allows for the person who shared the campaign to receive bonus entries. After entering, the new entrant can share it as well and get their own custom URL. This encourages even more social sharing and more participation. The more they share, the more chances to win! The more engagement you get.

Custom HTML Bonus Entries

On any campaign, you can create custom actions that provide bonus entries. Go to the Advanced>Bonus Entries Tab in the left-hand navigation menu. On that page will be listed the bonus entries you can enable.

By clicking ADD under the Custom HTML w/ form, you can call up the Add Bonus Entry Method form.

Starting at the top of the form, you will give your bonus entry action form a title, what you want people to see when they’ve completed the action, and the number of bonus entries you are awarding. You can award from one to five bonus entries.

Next, fill out the custom HTML code with a link to the action you want. If you aren’t familiar with HTML, don’t worry. Click the Source button at the top of the HTML Code section. You can just type in your custom text and use the link button to highlight any section and link it to your website or other online page.

When you are done, click the green Add Method button and you are ready to go.

Alternately, you may wish to ask a question, or grab an email address by using the Input Text Field. Any time your visitors take action by hitting Submit, they will get a bonus entry.

Bonus Entries for Facebook Visits

Prior to 2015, you could “fan-gate” your Facebook page by requiring campaign entrants to like your page before entering. While Facebook no longer allows that practice, there is a way you can still reward people for visiting a client Facebook page.

You can award bonus entries for visiting a partner’s Facebook page by setting up a special tab on the partner’s Facebook page. First, click on Advanced>Bonus Entries on the left side of the navigation menu.

Then click the green button next to the Partner Codes section. Fill out the form by adding in your partner’s Facebook page URL, decide how many bonus entries to award, and what entrants will see after they take action.

Hit the green Add Method button to continue.

Before this will be active, however, you will have to add a special tab on your partner’s Facebook page. Don’t worry. It’s simple to do! Have the admin of your destination Facebook page click on this link:

When they do, they will see the below dialog box. Pick the right page from the pull down menu and click the blue Add Page Tab button.

That’s all there is to it.

Once the entrant visits the Facebook page, they will land on the Partner Promotions tab and be given a “Bonus Code.”

When they return to the promotion, they can enter to code to get bonus entries.

Twitter Bonus Entries

Look for Customize on the left-hand navigation menu. Then, click on the location in the form where you want the element to appear and click the Settings menu.

By clicking on the + Add Form Field, it will call up the “Add a Field” menu. This calls up the menu of options.

Click on Twitter Share. From there, select the Verification Method and how many bonus entries to award.

Click on the black Add button and you’re done!

Woobox Makes It Easy

Following these easy methods can get your bonus entries set up in no time! The more people that use them, the bigger your campaign will grow.

There’s nothing better than getting other people to promote your campaign to their friends and spread your message far and wide… without any additional cost! The more people that enter allow you to increase your email database and provide post-campaign offers. That’s a bonus for sure!

With Woobox, you can create an account and build as many campaigns as you want for free!

What is Woobox?

Woobox is a marketing platform with powerful social and landing page campaigns that each include fully customizable templates.

Learn more via our ‘Campaigns’ menu on the official website, or call Woobox Support at 1-360-450-5200 from 8am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time every Monday through Friday.

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