Tournament Template for Woobox Bracket App

The American Gambling Association estimates that as many as 70 million brackets will be filled this week. Instead of just sitting on the sidelines watching this year’s action, Woobox is putting marketers into the game with a Tournament Template for our new predictive Bracket App!

This month, the best men’s basketball teams in the country will square off in the most unpredictable sporting event of the year and with that action comes the time honored tradition of filling out Tournament brackets. With brackets come Tweets, Facebook posts and countless bar room discussions; making the NCAA Tournament one of the most viral events of the year. Woobox’s Bracket App Tournament Template will allow your customers to choose their favorite teams and predict winners for each game of the NCAA Tournament. Once the round of 64 begins Thursday morning, those predictions will lock and customers can track their success using the Bracket App’s built-in Leaderboard.

To add the Tournament Template to your account, log-in and click the Tournament Template link at the top of your Dashboard or just click here. This will add a new Bracket Promotion to the Bracket section of your offers on the left hand side navigation bar. The bracket will be fully functional as is, with team names and seeds pre-populated for you. However, you can edit the promotion as you normally would with your own copy and images.

Due to the play-in games on March 17th and 18th to set the final field of 64, four bracket lines will be identified by split abbreviations (MANH/HAMP, MISS/BYU, BOISE/DAY and UNF/RMOR). You can manually edit these team names in the ‘Bracket Settings’ section of your offer following the conclusion of these games if you wish.

If you’d like to add the Bracket to your Facebook page you can do so in the Facebook Page Tab section of your offer. Then tell your customers about it! Results will need to be updated by Page Admins in the Bracket Settings section. For the most up to date scoring information we recommend this score board.

Ready to get your brand in the game? Sign up for an account and start promoting your bracket today! Have questions? Check out our Bracket User Guide or email your questions to