Get More Leads, Not Just Likes: 3 New Ad Tools to Win New Customers

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Have an exciting promotion but aren’t getting the traction you expected? Woobox makes it quick and easy to not only create engaging social promotions but also to gain more traffic.

Creating Facebook ads for your campaigns has never been easier with our Custom Audience Management Tools, Facebook Page Ad Triggers, and Website Remarketing.

With all of the components seamlessly built-in to one centralized dashboard, you can watch your promotions come to life in minutes. Check out these three powerful advertising tools to make your marketing campaigns shine!

Win Your Ad Space with the Woobox Custom Audience Management Tools

Begin by using Facebook Page Insights to identify your most engaged demographics. This is a great place to start if you’ve never created a Facebook ad before.

Once you have an idea of the specific group of people you are looking to target, establishing your custom audience is a breeze. Select “Create Audience” and choose who you want to see your offer.

Discover your most qualified followers and measure how each demographic performs by tracking the progress of each audience you create. You can bring original influence by targeting new markets and increase your value proposition with comparative statistics.

Developing re-occurring ad space for your brand’s social presence will juxtapose a level of familiarity needed to turn on the impressionable new customer tractor beam. Finally, a simple content management system to easily build an engaging social presence for your brand!

We have another blog covering more information about the Woobox Custom Audience Management Tools.

Facebook Page Ad Triggers – Converting Traffic into Qualified Leads

With our new Ad Triggers tool, you can increase the quality of your budget for Facebook ads by automatically tracking the engagement on your Facebook Page and actually targeting users that have recently visited.

By prioritizing your ads with Ad Triggers, you can gain more qualified leads, instead of just likes.

Create unique trigger recipes that allow you to establish custom audiences based on activity.

Add multiple statements to a single trigger rule to “OR” them together so the rule triggers an ad if at least one of the statements “Does contain” or “Does Not Contain” your parameter.

If you intend to make it so an ad triggers only if all of the statements are true, you would split your statements into their own separate rules, so each individual condition must be true in order to trigger an ad. Simply integrate your trigger rules with your Facebook Ads and let the Woobox Ads Manager do the rest!

For more information about Ad Triggers, click HERE.


Website Remarketing: An Engaging SEO Solution

What is SEO for your website?  Is it just page ranks, AdWords, and Google Analytics?

Is there more to Website SEO than just keywords and bots? With the Woobox Website Remarketing tool, now there is.

Copy and paste our code snippet into your website and start creating Website Custom Audiences (WCA) based on users’ activity on your page.  You can track visitors to a particular section of your website and automatically trigger ads for those particular users.  For example, you can setup a WCA for visitors who made it to the check-out page, but then abandoned their cart.  You can then create an ad that only they will see that offers a discount, free shipping, or other incentives to complete their order.

For more information about Woobox Website Remarketing, click HERE.

The Woobox Ads Manager is included at no additional charge with any of our Pro plans. For more reasons to use the Woobox Ads Manager, click HERE.

The Woobox Ads Manager is synced with the Facebook Ads Manager. All of the budget distributed for ads is managed from your Facebook Ads account and is allocated by Facebook. Woobox Ads Manager makes it quick and easy to create your Facebook Ads for your active Promotions, but all of the ad funds are managed from your Facebook Ads account.

Never created a Facebook ad with Woobox before?  Click HERE for step by step directions to help get you started.

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