Bonus Entries via Shared URL on Twitter

Bonus Entries for Facebook & Twitter Sweepstakes via Shared Link

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You’ve found an outdated blog post. How embarrassing. Please see this blog to learn about current policies and rules regarding bonus entries.



WARNING! This blog was only relevant until November 2014.


There’s a new option for Sweepstakes offers that doesn’t require Facebook permissions to award Bonus Entries!  Now, you can choose to “Award n bonus entries per user that clicks and enters from entrant’s share link.”  With this feature,  users share a unique tracking link to your sweepstakes and get Bonus Entries for anyone that enters after clicking their shared link.  The new Bonus Entries option is available for both Facebook and Twitter-based Sweepstakes offers; and it’s a great incentive to encourage people to share your promotion more often, in more places!

Bonus Entries via Unique Share Link

Awarding Bonus Entries for Facebook Friends Who Enter

This is the original method used with the Bonus Entries feature; and with this option, additional entries are awarded when a user’s Facebook friends enter the contest after them.  Because the Bonus Entries are based on an entrant’s Facebook friends, enabling this method requires a Facebook permissions dialog to authorize the Sweepstakes app.  This feature has worked very well to create a viral effect for offers, and the average share rate with this option is over 60 percent when used with the other viral features such as the automatic Share dialog popup window.   There are a number of benefits to this method, including a more game-like feel to Bonus entries.  Since everyone who is already entered automatically gets bonus entries from all Facebook friends that enter, it generates more Bonus Entries overall and creates more opportunities for entrants to get excited about inviting and sharing with friends repeatedly as they see their bonus entry counts grow fast.

Awarding Bonus Entries for Entrants via Unique Shared URL

The new option for Bonus Entries has its own benefits that we are very excited to announce.  First of all, using this option removes the need for entrants to grant any Facebook permissions to the app.  Because the bonus entries are based on a unique sharing URL, there is no need for the app to access a person’s friend list, as with the Facebook friends method.  This also means that bonus entries will be awarded for anyone who enters through the unique share link — they don’t even have to be Facebook friends with the person.  Additionally, this new method allows you to award bonus entries in your Twitter offers!

Bonus Entries via Shared URL on Twitter

How Does It Work?

Awarding bonus entries based on the shared link is done by creating a unique URL for each person who enters the contest.  This URL is automatically generated and simply adds a five character tracking code to the Woobox Shareable Offer URL.  For example, an offer with the short URL would turn into — with the unique share code (456de) added to the regular short URL.  Bonus entries are shown in the Entry Export File the same way regardless of what option you choose to use for your offer (the from_email column shows the email address given by the person whose entry generated the bonus entry for the original entrant).

This new feature provides another great opportunity for maximizing the viral effect of your contests if you don’t want to require Facebook permissions, plus it works with Twitter sweepstakes!

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