Sweepstakes app for Facebook & Twitter has now launched

Sweepstakes are one of the best ways to grow your Facebook fans and Twitter followers.   Some of the most successful Facebook marketing campaigns have utilized giveaways to achieve great results.  Until just a couple of weeks ago, Facebook’s promotion guidelines prohibited running a sweepstakes without pre-approval.   Now, Facebook allows anyone to run a sweepstakes using an app that follows their guidelines.  Today we’re announcing the ability to create sweepstakes with Woobox.

You can use Woobox to run your sweepstakes on Facebook, Twitter, or the Web.   Like our other promotion apps, once you configure your sweepstakes settings Woobox creates a sweepstakes offer page.   You can set the same types of restrictions as in our other apps such as requiring the entrant is a Facebook fan or Twitter follower, restricting entries to one per user, and more.

When your sweepstakes ends, you can download a complete list of entries along with email addresses of everyone who entered.

Try running a sweepstakes today and watch your fan count grow!

Visit Woobox to signup.