If you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to run a single promotion across multiple Facebook pages – with all the entries collected in the same data set – then you’ve come to the right place!

How To: Run the Same Promotion On Multiple Pages

October 10, 2014

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you’d like to run a single promotion across multiple pages, with all the entries collected in the same data set. Whether your reason for this is to prevent participants from entering multiple times (as they might do if you were to run an individual contest on each page); or perhaps you have a photo contest for which you’d like to display all submissions (no matter where they come from) within the same gallery. Lucky for you, this can be done in just a few simple steps with Woobox’s promotion apps!

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Woobox Undercover: Tracking Coupon Redemptions

October 3, 2014

We’ve been hearing from our customers that Woobox has so many great features that sometimes many useful ones get overshadowed. In this series we bring some of those features to the forefront and show you how to better take advantage of all of the platform has to offer. Today’s feature: Tracking Voucher Redemptions.

Despite the ever changing landscape of Social Media Marketing there remains one constant, people love Coupons. For good reason too, few other promotions can provide value to new and existing customers like Coupons can. While Coupons give businesses a low cost way to promote their products and get consumers into the habit of purchasing from them.
Many Woobox customers will upload their own Coupon Codes to be distributed out …

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6 Ways to Use Coupons to Drive Sales & Awareness for Your Brand

September 17, 2014

It’s no surprise that coupons continue to be one of our most popular promotional tools – after all, we launched Woobox with coupons as our first app. Since then we’ve grown to include a much broader suite of promotional tools, but coupons remain popular. There are a wide variety of uses for coupons, from free offers to loyalty rewards, to feel-good perks. Check out these 6 effective coupon strategies that have proven successful time and time again:

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KidKraft Fangate

Facebook Policy Change Prohibits Like-Gating

August 13, 2014

Facebook has changed their policy on incentivizing people to like your page. In the past, you were allowed to require that people must Like your page in order to receive some incentive such as entering a promotion, obtaining a coupon, or viewing content. Beginning November 5th, 2014 Facebook policy now prohibits incentivizing for people Liking you page.

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How To: Embed a Promotion in WordPress

May 29, 2014

If you manage your blog or website through Wordpress, we’ve made it super simple to embed your Woobox promotion and seamlessly integrate it into your Wordpress site! Simply create your sweepstakes using our online forms and then embed the promotion into Wordpress using our JavaScript embed code by following the step-by-step instructions below.

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