How To: Embed a Promotion in WordPress

May 29, 2014

If you manage your blog or website through Wordpress, we’ve made it super simple to embed your Woobox promotion and seamlessly integrate it into your Wordpress site! Simply create your sweepstakes using our online forms and then embed the promotion into Wordpress using our JavaScript embed code by following the step-by-step instructions below.

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How To: Create Graphics for Your Contest or Promotion

May 22, 2014

While creating a custom graphic for your contest or promotion is not a requirement to launch a Woobox campaign, it does make for a more visually compelling promotion – and can lend excitement to your campaign! You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create a campaign that is graphically stimulating, you just need to know where to look for images and how to put the pieces together.

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Pick A Winner Via #Hashtag Entry for Twitter and Instagram!

March 26, 2014

If you’ve tried our free Pick A Winner app for Facebook, then you know how simple we have made the process of picking a winner from a Facebook post promotion. Did you know that you can also pick winners on Twitter and Instagram by using a specific hashtag? For example, if you tell your followers to tag posts with #InsertYourHashtagHere, our tool will randomly select a winner from all those public hashtag mentions, removing all the guesswork and any hints of favoritism from the equation!

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Why We Think The New Timeline Layout Is Good For Your Facebook Page Tabs!

March 10, 2014

Facebook is rolling out a new timeline design, and many Page Admins are voicing their concerns – page tabs, which are currently prominently featured with an image, will now be text links.  Those of us who have been doing this for a while will remember that’s how they were before the current design.

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Trigger Facebook Promoted Posts to Target Audiences Automatically!

February 24, 2014

Set a budget, establish parameters, and let Woobox do the rest!

Our new Ad Trigger system allows you to automatically promote your content to your fans and custom audiences for ultimate ease and increased engagement..

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