Password Promotion

Woobox Remixed: Password Promotion

June 28, 2016

Some of the most successful businesses are those who have a strong Social Media presence. Being creative and engaging with consumers can be difficult, but our app makes that process much easier, providing you the ability to build promotions that pull your customers in consistently. With a few setting changes you can create a whole new contest idea with little effort. Our apps allow you to customize the form fields that users complete before submitting an entry, which makes it simpler for you to create a unique contest, even if you use the same app for every contest. An idea that works well in engaging users is a Word of The Day type of promotion that can be created with …

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Make the Most out of Your Mobile Friendly Shareable Offer URL

November 20, 2015

This may come as a surprise but oddly enough, Facebook Tabs do not display on Mobile devices. Here at Woobox we’ve made it easy enough to create a seamless experience for desktop and mobile users by providing a Shareable Offer URL for all tabs installed. By using the Shareable Offer URL you will avoid the issue of sending Mobile users on a scavenger hunt attempting to find the tab you told them exists but actually doesn’t exist on mobile.

Where To Find Your Promotion Link
You’ll find your Shareable Offer URL in multiple places, like on the top right hand corner of the Overview section of each promotion. This is the link you will share when it comes to sending …

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Quiz App- Choose Your Prize

Woobox Remixed: Turn a Quiz into a Pick Your Prize Promotion

November 2, 2015

Basic promotions are so yesterday. Everyone is looking for new creative ways to engage and excite their potential entrants without making it any harder for them to enter. Having a spectacular prize is a great way to pull people in, but giving someone a choice of awesome prizes is an even better way to have users interact with your promotion. You can easily produce a visually creative Sweepstakes using our Quiz App (yes, you read that right: a Sweepstakes using a Quiz App!). The Quiz allows you to build a form entry just like a Sweepstakes, even providing you the option of awarding bonus entries. With the Quiz, however, you can create the prize options on the entry page as well, seamlessly giving your …

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How To

Woobox 101: Grow Engagement and Reward Influencers

October 16, 2015

There are many creative ways to run a promotion and even more ways to reward engagement. In our Intro series Woobox 101 we show you how.

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Announcing a Winner Main Image

Reaching Out to Your Winners Over Social Media

October 2, 2015

You’ve had a great promotion and participants are eagerly waiting to find out who won. You may be wondering how to reach them… do you contact them directly or should you announce it on Social Media? Heck, why not both? But wait, did you even collect the right data to contact them directly?

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