Coupon fans who get their friends to like your Facebook page

August 24, 2011

FriendGate is now launched in the Woobox Coupons App! You can reward your fans with coupons when they get their friends to like your Facebook page! Hundreds of businesses have grown their fan bases by thousands and tens of thousands of fans in very short periods with our Custom Tab FriendGate app.  Now, that same capability is coming to our coupon system.

Alongside all of the usual benefits of our coupons app (fans only, one per person, one time use, redemption tracking, rolling expiration dates,  custom codes, and lots more)  now you have a new option.  You can set a number of friends the user must have before they can be issued a coupon or voucher.

In the settings interface you’ll see it listed under FriendGate. Simply turn it to On, and set the number of friends that a user must have before they can receive a coupon or voucher.

Once you turn it on, you’ll notice a new step in the process for getting a coupon.  The new step shows a user thumbnails for all of their friends who are already fans of your page and tells them how many additional friends they need to become fans to get your coupon.  Of course they have the option to share your offer to their wall or they can tell their friends in any other way.

FriendGate for Coupons is included in the Woobox Pro packages starting at $29 for pages with up to 20,000 fans.   For a limited time through September 30th, we’re making the feature part of our Free package so that all our customers can try it out.  So go try it now, or if you don’t have an account yet signup today.

Try it on our Fan page!  We’re making your first month of Pro service free when you have 10 friends who are fans of Woobox.

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